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Drop in...

...for the view, for a dance, for yoga, movement, workshops, the sound of gongs and tibetan singing bowls...

4th & 5th Sept | Drop in festival | Višnjica, Dubrovnik

Parking available on site!

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Drop in &

With Drop in you're camping for free in a beautiful camp in Dubrovnik, close to the beach 🙂

After purchasing your Festival ticket contact info@dropinfestival to reserve your camping spot!

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04.09. – SATURDAY

16:00 – 18:00 | workshop part 1 | by Dr. Sc. Marko Jurakić

How to improve family and business relationships

At the workshop, we will learn to observe our emotional and mental states impartially and discover how they affect our lives.

Through movement, dance, and communication exercises, we will explore different segments of life and discover the magical power of observing and accepting our own states of mind/feelings, regardless of where they come from and what they are conditioned by. Marko Jurakić dedicated his whole life to studying and improving relationships between people. As one of the founders of Vimal Academy, he is the organizer of many specialized seminars aimed at developing relationships and creating preconditions for business improvement, intended for corporations, entrepreneurs, managers, and their teams.

18:30 – 20:00 | by Rhubin Herceg i Dalia Gjaja, and pianist Ružice Koncul

Frequency of self


To a live piano backdrop, this workshop connects movement, breath, and sound as media through which we can influence the creation of inner balance. Using our own voice, other senses, and movement we will raise our own frequency, the wavelength at which our body vibrates on a cellular level, to foster a sense of deep inner peace and security.

The workshop program is led by mag. Rhubin Herceg and mag. Dalia Gjaja from Dubrovnik, owners of We DU Yoga Studio and yoga teachers certified by International Yoga Alliance, and will have a live musical backdrop played by pianist Ružica Consul.

20:30 – 23:00 | Dance workshop based on the 5Rhythms method by Romana Soldo

DROPin and enjoy the wave

Drop into yourself is an invitation to carefully dive deep under your skin and listen to stories that dance inside us. It’s an invitation to let them free themselves slowly, drop by drop, becoming the wave that will take us dancing.

The movement meditation practice 5 Rhythms® was developed by Gabrielle Roth, and it was organically created from instinct, intuition, and the correlation of mutual human relations. This is a powerful and simple movement meditation that anyone can practice regardless of age, size, abilities, or physical limitations.

Romana Soldo has been engaged in dance and movement for 20 years. She completed her 5Rhythms teacher training in the USA

Show your ticket at the Urban & Veggie restaurant during the Festival, and claim a 20% discount on your order.

05.09. – SUNDAY

09:00h – 10:30 |by Marjana Batinić

Eyes Wide Shut

When we turn the world off by closing our eyes, we have no choice but to look within ourselves. This gentle yoga class will be an opportunity to dive a little deeper inside ourselves.

Eyes closed during yoga practice will invite us to enter into trust, to dare to change position, or to move even though we don’t see “clearly” where we are going. This clear ‘’darkness’’ will choose intuition as the guide. There is no other. Being without the given form will summon the organic one.

The host of the program is mag. Marjana Batinić, certified yoga teacher by the International Yoga Alliance and an expert associate in Tourism and Hospitality School in Dubrovnik

Open to everyone!

Healthy food and cold lemonade by Oli’s food factory

Brunch under olive trees

15:00h – 16:30 | workshop part 1 | by Dr. Sc. Marko Jurakić

How to improve family and business relationships

17:00h – 18:30 | budokon workshop by Anita Buterin

Move & connect!

19:00h – 20:00 | by Dalia Gjaja

The spine as the pillar of life

A healthy spine is a pillar of life. For this reason, we dedicate this workshop to learning simple techniques which in a few minutes a day can help us keep our spine healthy, get rid of chronic pain, slow down aging and restore vitality and liveliness to our body.

This class is a combination of simple breathing exercises that have been scientifically proven to break the cycle of stress reactions and exercises for strengthening the torso musculature, increasing the mobility of the spine and of the tone of the nervous system.

20:30h – 22:00 | Prema Vama, Sense Studio, Vimal ak., Silvana M. & vocal Doris Kosović

Sound bath – Gongs under the stars

The final evening of the festival will be marked by a sound bath which has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress, the leading cause of diseases in the modern world.

During the program guided by the sounds of gongs, Tibetan sound bowls, crystal bowls, and other instruments, we immerse ourselves in a meditative state in which we can surrender ourselves to our inner being. A sonic bath is a powerful transformative experience that is difficult to describe in words…

This spectacular final evening will be complemented by the celestially beautiful voice of Doris Kosović.

Show your ticket at the Urban & Veggie restaurant during the Festival, and claim a 20% discount on your order.

The festival program is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. No prior knowledge or experience is required to participate.

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Park Višnjica
Ulaz u park
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Park Višnjica
Zalazak sunca koji oduzima dah
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Park Višnjica
Mjesto za drveni podest koji se postavlja za Festival
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Park Višnjica
Pogled iz zraka
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The breathtaking view from location!

Park Višnjica

Park Višnjica is a magnificent location overlooking the Old town and island Lokrum.

A wooden floor will be set up for the workshops. The area is surrounded by pine trees and the shade will be reinforced with a tent.

The olive grove is reserved for chats and mingling, while our festival food truck will prepare healthy food and cold drinks. 

Drop-in on the 4th and 5th September and make your stay in Dubrovnik. a truly unforgettable experience.

Drop in and CAMP FOR FREE!

Your Drop in festival ticket comes with a free camping spot in a beautiful camp in Dubrovnik city, located just a 3 minute walk from the beach.

When you complete your ticket purchase contact  to reserve your camping spot.

Drop in is an invitation for you to drop in to dance, take a workshop or yoga class, melt away with the sounds of tibetan bowls and gongs under a stary sky…

Thanks to our sponsors!

Medijski pokrovitelji

Supported by:

A special thank you to…

Luci Dubrovnik, Dubrovačkim ljetnim igrama, Sanitatu Dubrovnik…

Tickets are only available for purchase online before event.

Spaces are limited!

*The organizer reserves the right to change the festival program without prior notice. Changes are no basis for a partial or full ticket refund.

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